The Story of Mr. & Mrs. Weidlemesier

The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent...

It was 10:30 a.m. We drove up to a lovely home that just went on the market. It was in our buyer's price range and had the desired number of bedrooms and baths. The stained glass front door opened into the great room, its south wall completely covered with family pictures. More pictures trailed down the hallway toward the master bedroom. Upon entering, our buyer -- we'll call him Bob -- turned away from the beautiful rock fireplace and began inspecting the photographs.

"Hey, Betty," he said, "isn't this John from Florida?"

His question diverts Betty's attention from the French doors that lead out into the perfectly manicured backyard. She joins Bob at the portrait wall. "No, that's not him; this guy's got more hair than John."

"Could be an old picture," Bob said.

Betty walks further down the wall of photos and lets out a little squeal. "Bob, look it's a picture of Mr. & Mrs. Weidlemeiser's wedding." She then turned to us. "We were at that wedding."

"Oh, how nice", we said, "Would you like to check out the gourmet kitchen now?"

Ignoring our comment, Betty continued. "That was just a wonderful wedding. It was in the mountains."

"They had chocolate mint cake", Bob adds.

"Of course, you'd remember the food," Betty said. "What I remember most is all those beautiful pathways winding through the woods. We had such a nice week-end."

"We don't want to interrupt, but just down the hallway here is the most wonderful master suite you'll ever see," we said, trying to coax them away from their memories.

They ignored us completely.

"We should have bought that little cabin down the way and made it our vacation home," Bob said.

Betty sighed. "We should go back there and try to find a place."

Realizing the impending danger, we quickly add, "And the master bath is one of the most exquisite...."

"I think we've changed our minds, but thanks for showing us this place," Bob said. Hand-in-hand, they turn and exit never to be heard from again. Perhaps they are in Colorado in their new 3 bedroom cottage enjoying a piece of chocolate mint cake.

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