Staging has become the new buzz word, but actually staging as a recognized art dates back to 1976 when an interior designer started helping Realtors do their jobs in very high-end properties. The term "staging" was adopted a decade later.

Staging is different than cleaning, painting and packing away everything you don't use, although that is a very necessary first step. True staging starts with the second step, and it is the one most sellers find difficult to take because they cannot view the rooms in their home in any other way than how they have lived in them.

Unbiased, unsentimental eyes are needed. A professional stager's job is to connect with the desires of potential buyers, clear away enough spaces in your home so these purchasers can see themselves and their possessions there. Not just see, but feel the flow of how everyday life would be for them. A well-staged house creates a vision of the buyer's future. When buyers walk through a house for sale, they feel like they're going to experience the same life as the people who live there.

As silly as it may sound, if buyers see no clutter, they believe that if they live here, they'll have no clutter.

If they see patio furniture, a bubbling hot tub, and drinks awaiting, they'll think that if they live here they will have time to relax and pamper themselves.

If they see an opened recipe book, a table set for dinner, and smell cookies baking in the oven, they will think that if they live here their family will gather around to enjoy good food and good times.

If they see an overstuffed chair, an afghan, and an open novel...

Well you already know what they'll think.

It is a stager's job to make your property appeal to the largest audience of prospective buyers. More times than not, the color choices, accessories, collectibles, and furniture arrangement that has made your house a home will probably need to be removed or changed in order to present the next homeowner with a clean canvas on which to paint their unique lifestyle. A well-staged home will allow a buyer to picture your house as their home.

Staging is not meant to hide the property's faults, but to let the house sell itself. A staged home is usually not a comfortable place for the seller to live in. Often times the TV is moved to another room or taken away completely. The worn Lazy Boy is put in storage and replaced by a stylish but not-so-comfortable chair. The coffee table you like to put your feet on may be gone to make the room appear larger. Proud moments caught on film and hung throughout the house are packed away and replaced by either clean walls or generic pictures. The toaster, the blender, the coffee pot are not as easily accessible, since they now reside in a cabinet instead of on the counter. These changes may be annoying, but are necessary for a quicker, more profitable sale. The picture you present of your home to prospective buyers needs to be a happy one. A tranquil one. A clean and uncluttered one. The cost for such services can be extremely high; however, as professional stagers, Sally & Terry provide this service at no charge as part of their listing package.


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