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Sally & Terry have been involved in one form or another of real estate for over twenty-five years. They have bought, sold, and remodeled properties, not only as agents, but as private individuals. They have been on all sides of real estate transactions, and have experienced the excitement and stress of each position.

Their motto is...

"It's All About You"

What does that mean? In their own words, here is how they explain it.

To us, "It's All About You" means that all of our creative juices and long hours have but one single goal. That goal is to obtain the best outcome for you, our client, whether you are a seller or a buyer.

If you are a seller, "It's All About You" means that we make certain your house is marketed and presented at its optimum condition for a quick and profitable sale. As professional stagers, part of our listing package is to showcase your home in a way that will allow potential buyers to see all of its positive features without being sidetracked by your personal lifestyle. We also believe in communication... communication... communication. You will hear from us regularly, whether there is good news or no news. We never plant a "For Sale" sign in your yard and leave you to wonder what is happening.

If you are a buyer, "It's All About You" means we listen to everything you have to say. Your dreams. Your desires. Your demands. With your directives uppermost in our mind, we will assist you in your search for that dream house or piece of land, whether it takes one or one hundred showings. We'll bring all details to your attention so you can make an informed decision on that particular house or lot.

"It's All About You" means the client comes first. Sometimes that may mean we tell a buyer or seller that what is best for them now is to wait. We focus on the people, not the sale. Our desire is to build long-term relationships based on hard work and trust.

Sally & Terry are mother and daughter. One lives in the lake area and the other on the river. They love dogs, their own as well as others.

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